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AARP radio reports on the Interactive Autism Network's (IAN) survey exploring the roles of grandparents of children with autism.

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-- October 5, 2009


ABC's World News Tonight profiles a young girl with autism who communicates using augmentative communication; Kennedy Krieger's Dr. Rebecca Landa shares her perspective -- February 19, 2008

ABC's Good Morning America shares one family's story of raising six children with autism; Kennedy Krieger's Dr. Gary Goldstein offers insights -- February 6, 2008

ABC 7 News story, Dr. Andrew Zimmerman and a Gaithersburg, MD family discuss Kennedy Krieger research into the "fever effect" -- January 30, 2008

WJZ 13 Health Watch story, learn more about Kennedy Krieger's latest autism research into the "fever effect" -- January 22, 2008

ABC's World News Tonight -- Dr. Rebecca Landa previews exciting new videos of the autism early detection and intervention research being conducted at Kennedy Krieger Institute -- March 12, 2007

Fox 45 News "Cover Story" -- A student enrolled in Kennedy Krieger's autism intervention classroom is profiled, Kennedy Krieger President and CEO, Dr. Gary Goldstein, discusses the causes and increase of autism and Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) Director Dr. Rebecca Landa discusses the importance of early detection -- November 9, 2006


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