Autism Early Intervention: Inspiring Stories

Sibling Stories

Janie and LilyJanie and Lily’s Story

When 10-month-old Janie wasn’t babbling or responding to her name, early intervention at Kennedy Krieger’s Center for Autism made all the difference.


Colin and AidanAidan and Colin's Story

 Knowing that autism is more likely to occur in siblings of children with autism, Colin’s parents sought intervention through a Kennedy Krieger study for one-year-old siblings of children with autism.


Addie and BenAddie & Ben's Story

 Kennedy Krieger’s Early Achievements intervention program helped give Addie the keys to language that she couldn’t grasp on her own.


Matthew LemonWhy Wait and See?

 After early intervention helped her son Matthew, Marlo Lemon teamed up with Kennedy Krieger’s Center for Autism for minority outreach.


Dominic and DylanOn the Spectrum: One Family's Autism Journey

Dominic and his younger brother, Dylan, have autism, but thanks to early intervention at Kennedy Krieger, both are making great strides, socially and emotionally.


Research Spotlight

Head Lag StudyInfant Head Lag May Raise a Red Flag for Autism

A simple diagnostic test may help parents and pediatricians identify babies at risk for autism as early as six months of age.


Communication MilestonesCommunicating Milestones, When 2 Worry

 Kennedy Krieger study focuses on following children through the "gray period" of language development.