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Disability Solutions

Special Issue Articles on Down Syndrome & Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Disability Solutions -- A Resource for Families and Others Interested in Down Syndrome and Related Disabilities is a publication issued by the Enoch-Gelbard Foundation, a non-profit, independent, private foundation.

Disability Solutions: Volume 3, Issues 5-6:

More Than Down Syndrome: A Parent's View -- Joan E. Guthrie Medlen

Down Syndrome & Autistic Spectrum Disorder: A Look at What We Know -- George T. Capone, MD

Dual Diagnosis: The Importance of Diagnosis and Treatment -- Bonnie Patterson, MD

Language and Communication: The Key is Effectiveness -- Julie Bierman Gee, MS, CC-SLP

Gross Motor Development in Children With Down Syndrome & Autistic Spectrum Disorders: Clinic Observations -- Patricia C. Winders, PT

Changing Behaviors and Teaching New Skills -- Naomi Swiezy, PhD

Sensory Integration: Clinic Observations of Children with Down Syndrome & Autistic Spectrum Disorder -- Mary Lashno, OTR

Additional Information Published by Disability Solutions Editor, Joan E. Guthrie Medlen

From Milk to Table Foods: A Parent's Guide to Introducing Food Textures

The articles above are reproduced from the September/October 1999 issue of Disability Solutions, Volume 3, Issues 5-6. Permission was granted for their use on this web site. In accordance with federal copyright restrictions, the contents of these articles may not be reproduced by photocopying or any other means without written permission from the copyright holder. © 1999 Disability Solutions


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