Lana R. Warren, Ed.D., OT/L, FAOTA

Lana R. Warren, Ed.D., OT/L, FAOTA's picture
Vice President, Clinical Programs

Kennedy Krieger Institute
707 N. Broadway
Baltimore, MD 21205
Phone: (443) 923-9312

Lana Warren is the senior vice president of clinical programs at Kennedy Krieger Institute and is also a part-time instructor in physical medicine and rehabilitation at the Johns Hopkins University.

Biographical Sketch: 

Dr. Warren received her undergraduate training in occupational therapy at Western Michigan University. She has a master's degree in health related profession from the University of Pittsburgh and in applied healing arts from Tai Sophia Institute, as well as a doctoral degree in education from the Johns Hopkins University. Her clinical background is in pediatrics, particularly focusing on children with cerebral palsy, brain injury, and learning disabilities. She is also an energy practitioner. Dr. Warren’s current position is in rehabilitation management. She has a strong interest in wellness and creating a healing environment particularly as it relates to children and families with developmental disabilities.

Research Summary: 

Dr. Warren's current research interests are in complementary and alternative medicine and creating a healing environment. She presently has a grant from Autism Speaks to study acupressure and acupuncture with children with high functioning autism.

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