Research Initiatives

Translating Research into Clinical Care

Kennedy Krieger’s commitment to research allows patients to benefit from the newest innovations and treatment options. Translating science to the bedside improves long-term patient outcomes and heightens understanding of the mechanisms of brain injury.

Many of our faculty and clinical staff are actively involved in research projects ranging from laboratory to clinical studies using innovative therapies and technology.

In addition, our scientists are internationally known in the area of brain injury research, and attend and present at conferences around the world. Further, the rehabilitation team stays informed about the most recent and important research findings from other leading institutions.

Advanced Brain Imaging Research

Kennedy Krieger Institute houses the F.M. Kirby Research Center for Functional Brain Imaging, recognized by the National Institutes of Health as a national center for the development and application of neuroimaging technology.

Researchers at the Kirby Center use Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to map the anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, connectivity, and function of the brain.

Our current research areas include the following:

  • Cellular and molecular pathways of brain injury
  • Utility of early trauma variables in predicting outcome after traumatic brain injury
  • Effectiveness of acute and chronic intervention techniques
  • Identifying patterns of recovery after brain injury to better target interventions
  • Developing specialized scales to measure recovery and outcome
  • Studying the relationship between brain activity and behavior to more accurately measure, predict, and improve the outcomes of brain injuries
  • Effects of radiation and chemotherapies on the developing brain

Core Areas of Research

Core areas of research include:

Over the years, Kennedy Krieger’s scientists and researchers have made crucial medical discoveries that have led to innovative treatments and improved patient care for individuals with disorders of the brain.

Currently Recruiting Research Studies

Learn more about current research studies you can participate in by visiting our Recruiting Research Studies page.

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