The Psychiatric Mental Health Program at Kennedy Krieger Institute includes subject-matter experts who have been featured in stories by major news outlets. View the latest stories. 

Telemundo Washington: Especialista local cuenta cómo cuidar de tu salud mental durante la pandemia, 2/7/22

In this interview, conducted in Spanish, Dr. Carmen López-Arvizu, psychiatrist, explains the barriers to mental health care in the Hispanic community. Watch her interview

NBC National News: Family Advocates for Mental Health Resources Amid High Latino Depression Rates, 10/28/21

Dr. Carmen López-Arvizu describes the ways the pandemic has uniquely affected the Hispanic community as well as other barriers to mental health care that Latinos face. Watch here. The story also ran in Spanish on Telemundo. Watch it in Spanish.

WYPR-FM: Your Child's Brain: Youth Mental Health, 9/2/21

In this episode of Your Child's Brain, Dr. Carmen Lopez-Arvizu, medical director of the Psychiatric Mental Health Program, and Dr. John Campo, vice president of Psychiatric Services discuss mental health and the impact on children and teenagers. Listen here for their insights

NBC Baltimore, Back to School Anxiety, 8/8/21

Psychiatrist Dr. Carmen Lopez-Arvizu provides parents with tips to help children anxious about returning to school this year. Watch the story.

Fox Baltimore: Children and Mental Health in the New Year, 1/24/21

Dr. Carmen Lopez-Arvizu, medical director of the Psychiatric Mental Health Program, talks about the importance of mental health awareness for children and teens, and when a family needs to talk to a mental health professional. Here’s the interview.

Baltimore’s Child: Understanding Depression and Disability in Children, 11/17/2020

Dr. Carmen López-Arvizu, medical director of Kennedy Krieger Institute’s psychiatric mental health program, discusses the risk of depression in adolescents with disabilities. Learn more here.

WYPR-FM: Suicide: What to Watch For in Young People, 9/10/2020

Dr. Carmen Lopez-Arvizumedical director of Kennedy Krieger Institute’s psychiatric mental health program, describes the warning signs for suicide that parents can watch for in children. Listen here for her insights.