WBAL-TV: Bennett Blazers blazes path for athletes with special needs

Katie Willmott,'s picture
February 03, 2017
This WBAL-TV segment features Willow and Olive Weidhammer, two participants in Kennedy Krieger's Bennett Blazers adaptive sports program.

Kennedy Krieger's Bennett Blazers adaptive sports program has shown Willow and Olive Weidhammer, two sisters from Ellicott City, that there is nothing they can't do. Both girls have spina bifida, while Willow also suffers from hydrocephalus. Thanks to the Bennett Blazers, the sisters have had the opportunity to play a variety of sports, including hockey, sled hockey and tennis. Willow and Olive, as well as their mother, discuss what the program has done for them in this WBAL-TV segment.

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