Statement of Condolence for the Family of Lorenzo Odone

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June 03, 2008

The Kennedy Krieger Institute's faculty and staff extend our deepest condolences to the family of Lorenzo Odone, who passed away on Friday, May 30, after surviving adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) for more than 20 years.

Over the course of Lorenzo's life, his father, Augusto Odone, made innumerable contributions to the quest for answers about his son's rare and devastating disease. His efforts impacted the scientific field in ways that have dramatically changed the fate of those who followed in Lorenzo's footsteps with diagnoses of ALD and other demyelinating disorders.

Augusto's discovery of a treatment for ALD, known as Lorenzo's Oil, was scientifically validated in 2005 by a research team at Kennedy Krieger Institute. We are indebted to him for sharing his knowledge and dedication, which was critical in confirming that Lorenzo's Oil could help prevent the symptoms of ALD if taken by young boys before the onset of the disease. Although the Odone's discovered the treatment after Lorenzo became ill, their tireless work will save lives in many generations to come.

We feel great sadness at the loss of Lorenzo who motivated his family to take on a remarkable mission.

Learn more about about the Odone's incredible efforts and work with Dr. Hugo Moser at the Kennedy Krieger Institute.

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