President's Message

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June 02, 2011

President's Message

  By this time of year, college students have received results on class exams, and those who until now had kept up with their peers despite undetected learning disabilities are having serious difficulties. It's a scenario that plays out more than you think—and Kennedy Krieger's College Clinic, a division of the Center for Development and Learning, was developed with these students in mind.

Like the rest of the CDL's programs, the College Clinic strives to identify learning disorders and make recommendations for treatment and accommodations to help its clients succeed academically. Sheer intelligence and determination allow some students with learning disabilities to get through 12 years of primary education unaided, often with impressive results. But the academic rigor of college courses and the demands made on students' independent living skills can be too much to bear for students with these undetected or unaddressed learning disorders. The clinic's Drs. Marjorie Fessler and Thomas Ley meet with students to diagnose their disorders and prescribe the accommodations they need. This clinic is featured in this issue of Touch.

We at Kennedy Krieger strive to create the most complete healing environment possible for children with disabilities and their families. This issue of Touch highlights another way Institute personnel are working toward this goal—through the study of the potential benefits of energy therapy. Our story explains the scientific principles behind energy therapy and shares the experiences of some of the children who have received it at Kennedy Krieger.

Our Success Story features a teenage girl with Prader-Willi syndrome who has lost more than 200 pounds since arriving at Kennedy Krieger's Pediatric Feeding Disorders Unit in August 2002. We also describe two research studies underway at the Institute—one that examines how ADHD manifests itself in girls, and another that explores how and why Fragile X syndrome affects different boys in dramatically different ways.

Exciting developments unfold at Kennedy Krieger every day. We hope you share our enthusiasm about the projects and services we describe in this issue of Touch.


Gary W. Goldstein
President and CEO 

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