National Tourette Syndrome Association Funds Research by Dr. Stewart H. Mostofsky

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April 12, 2001
Kennedy Krieger Institute Researcher will use fMRI technology to analyze brain function

BALTIMORE, MD - Dr. Stewart H. Mostofsky of Kennedy Krieger Institute has been notified that he is the recipient of a research award from the National Tourette Syndrome Association (TSA). One of 15 distinguished awardees; Dr. Mostofsky's research will focus on using functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) to identify brain regions involved in the production of tics and to investigate differences in cerebral activity related to motor control.

Discussing the importance of this investigation for the field of Tourette Syndrome research, Dr. Mostofsky said, "The results from this study will provide further information about brain regions involved in the generation of tics and the neurological basis of Tourette Syndrome, both of which are not entirely understood."

The TSA Research Award Program was established in 1984. Each year, the Association's Scientific Advisory Board designates those scientific areas and applicant projects that offer the most promise for a better understanding of the causes and improved treatment for this neurological, movement disorder.

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