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Gerry and Gwena Herman started the physically challenged sports program at Kennedy Krieger in 1989. The Hermans started with a wheelchair basketball program, but expanded the program so that kids with a wider range of disabilities would be able to compete. Today, kids have the opportunity to take part in sports, such as wheelchair basketball and football, swimming, track, archery, baseball, cycling, sitting volleyball, tennis, and sled hockey.

I-Skate was a natural extension of the existing sled hockey program. In addition to the sleds used for ice hockey, I-Skate offers a variety of adaptive equipment specially designed and manufactured to assist participants in their skating, including:

  • Adaptive ice skates that can accommodate wider feet or orthotics,
  • Walkers to aid stability and balance,
  • Ice sleds for participants with paralysis,
  • Helmets to protect the head in case of a fall.

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