Letter from Our President - Summer 2013

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August 01, 2013

Dr. Gary GoldsteinIn this issue, we examine one of the biggest challenges faced by families of children with disabilities—navigating the path to adulthood. As these parents know, disability can affect virtually every aspect of life, from healthcare and employment, housing and financial security, to emotional well-being and socialization. It can seem overwhelming, but our experts share strategies that can make the journey easier, and you'll read about the keys to success for some former Kennedy Krieger students and patients who have gone on to secure internships and jobs, earn college degrees, and achieve dreams many thought were not possible.

At Kennedy Krieger Institute, the work that our doctors, therapists, educators, and researchers do changes lives, and the stories in this issue remind us what a difference can be made. Thanks to help from our therapists, the family of a little girl with transverse myelitis has experienced little miracles with every milestone—the first time she stood, the first time she crawled, the first time she walked without crutches—and she'll continue to make progress for years to come.

For a young boy in Yemen who lost his arms in a landmine explosion, our doctors and therapists provided prosthetic arms and rehabilitative therapy, opening up a world of possibilities for his future.

And a unique collaboration between our doctors and a group of young engineers led to an invention that could greatly reduce cerebral palsy for infants in developing nations.

Our reach extends far beyond the confines of our hospital, clinics, and schools. Through patient care, research and professional training, education, or community initiatives, we strive to ensure that children everywhere—whether at the Institute or beyond—have a chance to unlock their potential.

Gary W. Goldstein, MD

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