Kennedy Krieger Partners with City to Educate Students at Lois T. Murray School

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August 29, 2003
Institute committed to enhancing the school's already solid special education program

Baltimore - Kennedy Krieger Institute has entered into a partnership with the Baltimore City Schools to manage school #313, Lois T. Murray in Northeast Baltimore, which serves a city-wide population of students with moderate to severe disabilities.

The collaboration developed over the summer after city school officials approached the Institute about providing special education services for students at the school. Kennedy Krieger already partners with the city in the Edison Schools (Montebello, Furman Templeton, and Gilmore Elementary Schools) and the Victory School at Westport Academy, but this new partnership marks the first time the Institute will actually assume management of a city school.

Arthur Hill, a 20-year veteran of Kennedy Krieger's special education program and the Director of the Westport/Victory Partnership, will take over as Director of Education at Lois T. Murray. Kennedy Krieger will provide all staffing, administration and clinical services at the school.

"This is an exciting new venture for us, with many Kennedy Krieger folks stepping up to the plate to make it happen very quickly," says Robin Church, Ed.D, Assistant Vice President for Education and the Executive Director of Kennedy Krieger School Programs. In addition to fulfilling the individualized education plan requirements of each of the students at the school, Kennedy Krieger will supplement services with new enhancements, including lower student-to-teacher ratios, a more interdisciplinary approach to education, and the incorporation of both art and music programs. Kennedy Krieger will also emphasize in-classroom therapeutic services to minimize loss of class time.

The school will serve 60 students immediately, with enrollment expected to expand to 90 students later this year.

Kennedy Krieger Institute is dedicated to helping children and adolescents with disabilities resulting from disorders of the brain achieve their potential and participate as fully as possible in family, community and school life.

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