Kennedy Krieger Institute's Down Syndrome Clinic Celebrates 20 Years

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July 23, 2010
The event took place in the new Outpatient Center at 801 N. Broadway, overlooking the therapy garden.

On Friday, June 25 patients, families and staff joined Dr. George Capone to celebrate 20 years of achievements of the Down Syndrome Clinic at Kennedy Krieger Institute. The event took place in the new Outpatient Center at 801 N. Broadway, overlooking the therapy garden. Guests listened as Dr. Capone, Institute President & CEO Dr. Gary Goldstein, patients and staff shared stories and offered thanks for the decades of dedication found among the attendees.

"I'd like to thank everyone here at Kennedy Krieger, you make us more than just a clinic, you make us have substantially more to offer our families," said Dr. Capone, director of Kennedy Krieger's Down Syndrome Clinic. "I'd also like to thank the people with Down syndrome, all of you, present and not present. You enrich our lives and you make us all better people. Watching you grow, mastering a new skill, speaking up for yourselves, your smiles, your hugs, your high-fives in a world where these things are in very short supply, you teach us in many ways and you keep us real with our feet grounded."

Throughout the event many individuals with Down syndrome took the stage to express their gratitude and presented Dr. Capone with drawings that will be made into a quilt to commemorate his 20 years of devotion.

As people gathered in the therapy garden for a short reception with food and refreshments, attendees were left with Dr. Capone's call for future advancements echoing in their minds: "There are advances in all areas of medical and behavior science that make this an opportune time to rededicate ourselves to clinical research and innovative care for all persons with Down syndrome regardless of age or means."

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