Research Updates

June 10, 2003
Form of alternative therapy complements traditional medicine for pediatric patients with developmental disabilities
May 14, 2003
Kennedy Krieger Institute one of eight comprehensive research centers in country
September 28, 2002
Dr. Hugo Moser, director of Neurogenetics at Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore, will present the findings of a major, 10-year study of Lorenzo's Oil' therapy in children with adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD).
September 10, 2002
Technology is leading to discoveries about how disorders of the developing brain lead to Cerebral Palsy
April 23, 2002
Researchers are first to target system that feeds' tumors
November 13, 2001
Findings suggest possibility for diagnosis, treatment
April 12, 2001
Kennedy Krieger Institute Researcher will use fMRI technology to analyze brain function


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