Research Updates

February 21, 2012
Increased Awareness Among Clinicians and Parents Could Lead to Earlier Diagnosis and Intervention for Minority Children with ASD
February 19, 2012
Topic: Study of Differences in Autism Symptoms Between Minority and Caucasian Toddlers
November 08, 2011
Kennedy Krieger researcher finds unexpected familial relationships in data widely used by biomedical research community
October 18, 2011
Kennedy Krieger researchers find that varying practice sessions may benefit people with motor disorders
October 17, 2011
Interactive Autism Network asks families to report on bullying experiences of children with ASD
October 04, 2011
Study shows DSM criteria can be used to identify autism in children with Down syndrome.
September 14, 2011
Study Reveals Link Between Early Number Sense and Elementary Math Scores
September 09, 2011
Study Indicates Infants at Risk for Autism Could Benefit from Motor Training
August 15, 2011
Study highlights importance of routine surveillance, rapid referral for infant siblings of children with ASD
June 17, 2011
Study Reveals Math Learning Disabilities Are Caused By Multiple Factors, Including Poor Intuition in Gauging Numerical Quantities


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