Research Updates

Sep 14 2011
Study Reveals Link Between Early Number Sense and Elementary Math Scores
Sep 9 2011
Study Indicates Infants at Risk for Autism Could Benefit from Motor Training
Aug 15 2011
Study highlights importance of routine surveillance, rapid referral for infant siblings of children with ASD
Jun 17 2011
Study Reveals Math Learning Disabilities Are Caused By Multiple Factors, Including Poor Intuition in Gauging Numerical Quantities
Jun 9 2011
Smaller brain volumes associated with severity of ADHD symptoms
Jan 27 2011
Taxol stabilizes growing nerve cells and reduces the barrier of scar tissue
Dec 15 2010
Study is First to Show Group-Based Intervention is Effective for Toddlers as Young as Two Years of Age
Jun 15 2010
New Research Shows that Electrical Stimulation Can Promote Central Nervous System Repair
May 19 2010
Kennedy Krieger researchers find autism does not affect family structure
Apr 20 2010
Children with developmental regression at increased risk for more severe autism
Apr 28 2009
Kennedy Krieger Researchers Uncover New Insight into the Neurological Basis of Autism by Studying How the Brain Coordinates Movement
Mar 10 2008
International team conducts largest-ever study examining clinical features of symptoms