News from 2007

December 12, 2007
Kennedy Krieger Institute One of Fifteen Sites Nationwide
December 03, 2007
Kennedy Krieger Institute Research Confirms Parent and Physician Reports that Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Exhibit Fewer Autistic-like Behaviors during Illness with Fever
November 05, 2007
Research Conducted at the Kennedy Krieger Institute Takes New Approach to Studying Brain Basis of ADHD For Immediate Release: November 05, 2007
October 30, 2007
Rummerfield, Gray and Walther Recognized for Contributions To Spinal Cord Injury Community
October 25, 2007
Kennedy Krieger Institute's Annual Holiday Fundraiser Features Live Entertainment, Express Mail Delivery to the North Pole, "Reindeer Rides," and More!
September 18, 2007
Specialty Autism School Opens Today in Montgomery County; Features Individualized Programs, High Staff to Student Ratio, Community and Work-Based Learning
August 07, 2007
Kennedy Krieger Institute Study Enhances Understanding of Brain Plasticity and Motor Skills, Signaling Advancements for Future Rehab Practices
July 30, 2007
Research Conducted at the Kennedy Krieger Institute Examines How Motor Skill Deficits Can Provide Insight into the Brain Basis of Autism
July 18, 2007
Miniature Golf Course Hosts Baltimore's First National Qualifier Tournament; Proceeds to Benefit Kennedy Krieger Institute
July 02, 2007
Researchers at the Kennedy Krieger Institute Recognize Children with Autism Earlier than Ever Before, Paving the Way for Earlier Intervention and Improved Outcomes
June 06, 2007
Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Grant, The Craig H. Neilsen Foundation Grant and Christopher Reeve Foundation Award to Advance Spinal Cord Injury Work at Kennedy Krieger Institute
June 05, 2007
Kennedy Krieger Institute Research Counters Reported National "Gender Gap" in Math Achievement
June 04, 2007
A woman of many achievements, Reeves acted in several capacities throughout her career
May 11, 2007
One Month After Launch, Interactive Autism Network Reports 13,000 Registered Participants Eager to Accelerate Autism Research
April 02, 2007
The Interactive Autism Network to Accelerate Autism Research by Linking Researchers and Families Nationwide
February 27, 2007
At Morton's The Steakhouse Westchester On Saturday, March 31

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