News from 2006

Nov 6 2006
N.I.H. Grant Will Establish Center to Examine Causes of Reading Disorders, Including National "Fourth Grade Slump" In Which Successful Learners Suddenly Falter
Sep 26 2006
Identification of X-linked Adrenoleukodystrophy at birth allows for early intervention, improved outcomes for males with rare genetic disorder
Sep 5 2006
Finding Leads Kennedy Krieger Researchers Down New Road in Autism Research
Aug 28 2006
Event's 20th Anniversary Features Family Fun and Prizes
Jul 18 2006
Findings Pave the Way for Kennedy Krieger Institute Researchers to Understand Which Sex Differences are Developmental vs. Sociological vs. Hormonal
Jul 13 2006
International study refutes prior theory that faulty gene leads to in utero death in males
Jun 1 2006
Findings Present Window of Opportunity for Detection and Intervention Before Typical Diagnosis at Age Three or Four
May 16 2006
Patient Advocate Runs to Raise Awareness for Spinal Cord Injuries
May 8 2006
Reston to appear at Baltimore book signing and discussion on May 18th
Apr 13 2006
Unique Program Benefits Children with Autism & Local Residents
Mar 21 2006
Event to Raise Funds for the Kennedy Krieger Sturge-Weber Syndrome Center
Mar 17 2006
Funds Cover Cost of New Equipment to Aid Spinal Cord Injury Treatment and Research
Feb 15 2006
Monoclonal Antibody Targets Key Tumor Growth Factor; Successfully Causes Brain Tumor Regression and Improves Animal Survival
Jan 19 2006
Four Community Leaders Begin Three-Year Term Supporting Institute's Pediatric Research, Education & Treatment Programs
Jan 17 2006
Initial $2.26 Million Award Funds Project That Will Serve as a Unique Resource For Families and Researchers
Jan 13 2006
Annual "Block Kids" Event Teaches Construction Trades