The Capital: Concussions: Not just for the boys

Sowmya Nath,'s picture
November 18, 2013
Kennedy Krieger expert Dr. Stacy Suskauer reminds parents that concussions aren’t limited to the football field.

When former North County High School softball player Alicia Cooke was hit in the head during pre-game warm-ups in the spring of 2012, she didn't know she had a concussion. The Glen Burnie resident, now a freshman at Anne Arundel Community College, played in the Knights' game that day and practiced the following afternoon. Then the headaches became too much to bear. Cooke also developed slurred speech, memory loss and concentration problems, she said. After seeing specialists at Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore, Cooke was diagnosed with a concussion and was home-schooled for the rest of the school year. Read more.

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