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Nov 18 2013
Kennedy Krieger’s Melanie Pinkett-Davis shares advice for how to help ease holiday stress for parents of children with special needs.
Nov 10 2013
Kennedy Krieger researcher finds that children with autism have poor connection between parts of the brain that process vision and motor movements.
Sep 26 2013
A television segment shares the special stories and mission of Team Kennedy Krieger in preparation for the Baltimore Running Festival.
Aug 12 2013
A television segment highlights how the Institute’s Animal Assisted Therapy program is helping one young patient on the road to recovery.
Jul 24 2013
A profile of the Bennett Blazers softball team, part of our Physically Challenged Sports Program, as they prepare to host the National Championship tournament.
Jul 15 2013
A new online video autism tutorial from Kennedy Krieger can help parents recognize the early signs of autism.
Jul 01 2013
Kennedy Krieger art therapist Stacey Nelson shares the many ways art therapy can benefit children with ADHD and other learning difficulties.
May 17 2013
An article spotlights a Kennedy Krieger research team that found the genetic cause of Sturge-Weber syndrome and port-wine birthmarks.
May 01 2013
A full-page story on Pat Rummerfield highlights his role as patient liaison in our own International Center for Spinal Cord Injury, his recent autobiography and his receipt of the Henry Viscardi Achievement Award.
Apr 06 2013
Dr. Paul Law discusses our Interactive Autism Network’s research findings on children with autism who wander from safe places.


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