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Feb 27 2014
Video tutorial from Kennedy Krieger expert illustrates the early signs of autism
Feb 24 2014
Tips to help overcome picky eating feature insights from Kennedy Krieger’s Feeding Disorders Program
Feb 22 2014
Technology connects Kennedy Krieger experts to children with special needs on Maryland’s Eastern Shore
Feb 14 2014
Kennedy Krieger muscular dystrophy expert leads research team
Jan 08 2014
Kennedy Krieger art therapist discusses benefits of self-expression through art
Nov 30 2013
Kennedy Krieger feeding disorders expert helps parents understand the difference between “picky” eating and a more serious problem.
Nov 26 2013
A television segment shares the story of a young athlete returning to the sports he loves with the help of Kennedy Krieger’s Concussion Clinic.
Nov 26 2013
New research from a Kennedy Krieger team finds that a virtual sailing simulator helped individuals with paralysis learn adaptive sailing skills.
Nov 20 2013
A television segment shows Kennedy Krieger students in action making a gingerbread house to display at the annual Festival of Trees.
Nov 18 2013
Kennedy Krieger expert Dr. Stacy Suskauer reminds parents that concussions aren’t limited to the football field.


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