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Feb 23 2018
Feb 01 2018
Nancy Grasmick discusses the importance of training teachers to teach all of their students, including those with disabilities.
Jul 21 2017
Kennedy Krieger's annual Camp SOAR brings together patients and their siblings for a summer adventure camp.
Jun 30 2017
Dr. E. Mark Mahone discusses the probability that children diagnosed with ADHD will also have additional behavioral and anxiety issues.
Jun 28 2017
Researchers within our Institute are working on aquatic therapies to help those with spinal cord injuries.
Jun 23 2017
Kennedy Krieger's own Rebecca Martin and Dr. Stacy Suskauer discuss the importance of safety measures for avoiding brain and spinal cord injuries.
Jun 19 2017
Local toddler receives outpatient therapy after suffering a pediatric stroke.
Jun 16 2017
Kennedy Krieger's own Dr. E. Mark Mahone offers expertise on the neuroscience of ADHD and the developmental delays in various regions of the brain.
Mar 13 2017
In this segment, WBAL-TV highlights the Kicks for X campaign, started by the parents of Xavier, a former PACT patient.
Mar 08 2017
Dr. Amy Bastian talks about brain plasticity in this segment highlighting former patient Jody Graves and her experience having half of her brain removed at the age of three.


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