Progress in Practice: Activity-Based Restorative Therapy (ABRT)

September 30, 2016 (All day) to October 01, 2016 (All day)

Progress in Practice is a premier educational event bringing together physical therapists, occupational therapists, nurses, physicians, and rehabilitation professionals.

This two-day workshop offers participants the opportunity to gain skills to advance their practice in neurorehabilitation. Shifting from traditional compensatory models to a more progressive restorative focus, Activity-Based Restorative Therapy (ABRT) uses a combination of rehabilitation techniques to provide near-normal input to both optimize the nervous system for recovery and offset rapid aging and chronic complications.

Participants will learn the scientific basis, hands-on skills, and clinical decision-making associated with implementation of an ABRT program through this intensive two-day course.

Following completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the scientific and therapeutic principles of ABRT and appropriate clinical applications
  • Demonstrate specific clinical skills within the key components of ABRT and strategies to design treatments, given practical constraints, involving each of the components
  • Display clinical reasoning and synthesis of ABRT principles through case studies

For questions, please contact the planner at or 443-923-9239. For more details or to register, visit the event website.


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