The Study to Explore Early Development (SEED): a multisite epidemiologic study of autism by the Centers for Autism and Developmental Disabilities Research and Epidemiology (CADDRE) network.

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Yeargin-Allsopp M
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Schendel DE
Diguiseppi C
Croen LA
Fallin MD
Reed PL
Schieve LA
Wiggins LD
Daniels J
Grether J
Levy SE
Miller L
Newschaffer C
Pinto-Martin J
Robinson C
Windham GC
Alexander A
Aylsworth AS
Bernal P
Bonner JD
Blaskey L
Bradley C
Collins J
Ferretti CJ
Farzadegan H
Giarelli E
Harvey M
Hepburn S
Herr M
Kaparich K
Landa R
Lee LC
Levenseller B
Meyerer S
Rahbar MH
Ratchford A
Reynolds A
Rosenberg S
Rusyniak J
Shapira SK
Smith K
Souders M
Thompson PA
Young L
Yeargin-Allsopp M
J Autism Dev Disord
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The Study to Explore Early Development (SEED), a multisite investigation addressing knowledge gaps in autism phenotype and etiology, aims to: (1) characterize the autism behavioral phenotype and associated developmental, medical, and behavioral conditions and (2) investigate genetic and environmental risks with emphasis on immunologic, hormonal, gastrointestinal, and sociodemographic characteristics. SEED uses a case-control design with population-based ascertainment of children aged 2-5 years with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and children in two control groups-one from the general population and one with non-ASD developmental problems. Data from parent-completed questionnaires, interviews, clinical evaluations, biospecimen sampling, and medical record abstraction focus on the prenatal and early postnatal periods. SEED is a valuable resource for testing hypotheses regarding ASD characteristics and causes.
Published Date: 
October, 2012

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