Anthranilic acid analogs as diamagnetic CEST MRI contrast agents that feature an intramolecular-bond shifted hydrogen.

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McMahon MT
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Song X
Yang X
Ray Banerjee S
Pomper MG
McMahon MT
Contrast Media Mol Imaging
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Diamagnetic chemical exchange saturation transfer (diaCEST) agents are a new class of imaging agents, which have unique magnetic resonance (MR) properties similar to agents used for optical imaging. Here we present a series of anthranilic acid analogs as examples of diaCEST agents that feature an exchangeable proton shifted downfield, namely, an intramolecular-bond shifted hydrogen (IM-SHY), which produces significant and tunable contrast at frequencies of 4.8-9.3 ppm from water. Five analogs of N-sulfonyl anthranilic acids are all highly soluble and produced similar CEST contrast at ~6-8 ppm. We also discovered that flufenamic acid, a commercial nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, displayed CEST contrast at 4.8 ppm. For these N-H IM-SHY agents, the contrast produced was insensitive to pH, making them complementary to existing diaCEST probes. This initial IM-SHY library includes the largest reported shifts for N-H protons on small organic diaCEST agents, and should find use as multifrequency MR agents for in vivo applications.
Published Date: 
February, 2015

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