Working memory performance following paediatric traumatic brain injury.

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Slomine BS
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Conklin HM
Salorio CF
Slomine BS
Brain Inj
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The present study investigated working memory ability in children who sustained moderate-to-severe traumatic brain injuries in relation to pre-injury, injury-related and developmental factors. It was hypothesized that there would be a correlation between performance- and rater-based working memory measures; factors predictive of working memory impairment would include earlier age at injury, more severe injury, longer time since injury and poorer overall cognitive functioning; and working memory performance would be significantly impaired when compared to normative populations.Working memory was assessed in 62 children using a traditional performance measure (digit span backward) and parent report (Behaviour Rating Inventory of Executive Function (BRIEF)).Contrary to prediction, there was no statistical association between performance- and rater-based measures of working memory. Regression analyses revealed injury severity, time-since-injury, overall cognitive ability and attention span were predictive of working memory performance. As a group, working memory was impaired relative to normative samples on both measures.Performance- and rater-based working memory measures, while not significantly correlated, are both sensitive to acquired cognitive dysfunction following paediatric traumatic brain injury. Demographic and clinical factors may be used to predict cognitive outcomes, educate caregivers and design clinical interventions.
Published Date: 
October, 2008

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