Sex-specific clinical correlates of hoarding in obsessive-compulsive disorder.

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Nestadt G
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Samuels JF
Bienvenu OJ
Pinto A
Murphy DL
Piacentini J
Rauch SL
Fyer AJ
Grados MA
Greenberg BD
Knowles JA
McCracken JT
Cullen B
Riddle MA
Rasmussen SA
Pauls DL
Liang KY
Hoehn-Saric R
Pulver AE
Nestadt G
Behav Res Ther
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Little is known about whether the clinical correlates of hoarding behavior are different in men and women with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). In the current study, we evaluated the association of hoarding with categories of obsessions and compulsions, psychiatric disorders, personality dimensions, and other clinical characteristics separately in 151 men and 358 women with OCD who were examined during the OCD Collaborative Genetics Study. We found that, among men but not women, hoarding was associated with aggressive, sexual, and religious obsessions and checking compulsions. In men, hoarding was associated with generalized anxiety disorder and tics whereas, among women, hoarding was associated with social phobia, post-traumatic stress disorder, body dysmorphic disorder, nail biting, and skin picking. In women but not men, hoarding was associated with schizotypal and dependent personality disorder dimensions, and with low conscientiousness. These findings indicate that specific clinical correlates of hoarding in OCD are different in men and women and may reflect sex-specific differences in the course, expression, and/or etiology of hoarding behavior in OCD.
Published Date: 
September, 2008

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