Motion Analysis Laboratory Members

Amy J. Bastian, Ph.D., PT

Kathy Zackowski, Ph.D.

Research Coordinators:

Divya Sambandan

Research Coordinator

Arissa Torrie

Research Coordinator

Research Physical Therapist:

Jennifer Keller, MSPT

PT degree from Washington University, St. Louis

Post Doctorates:

Darcy Reisman, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Ph.D. from University of Delaware

PT degree from College of St. Scholastica

Ph.D. Students:
Hannah Block

Neuroscience Ph.D. program

Undergraduate degree from University of British Columbia

Julia Choi

BME Ph.D. program

Undergraduate degree from McGill University

Christina Fuentes

Neuroscience Ph.D. program

Undergraduate degree from MIT


Rani Pallegadda

Junior in the Neuroscience undergraduate program

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