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Specific Health Issues: Vesicostomy -- SHNIC School Nurses Information

  • How long has the student had a vesicostomy?
  • Student's ability to perform self-care, access to bathroom with privacy and supplies.
  • What the vesicostomy stoma, as well as surrounding skin, looks like.
  • Does the student have leakage between catheterizations, if so how much?
  • What size catheter should be used?
  • How often should vesicostomy be catheterized?
  • Typical urine output, as well as color, consistency and any problems with mucous shreads.
  • Dietary restrictions (if any), as well as how much water should be consumed each day?
  • Parameters regarding when physician is to be called (temperature, decrease urine output, etc.)
  • Latex allergy.
  • Any physical restrictions.
  • Universal precautions, as well as emergency plan.
  • Supplies necessary.

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