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Specific Health Issues: Vagus Nerve Stimulator -- SHNIC School Nurses Information

  • Find out the type and make of the Vagus Nerve Stimulator, and have a copy of the Owners Manual. Find out the type of setting being used.
  • Understand what type of seizures the student has experienced since placement.
  • Does the student have an aura prior to seizure, if so can student communicate this?
  • Student should have an identification card with him or her at all times.
  • Magnet should be with student at all times, and seizure activity recorded at all times.
  • Magnet Safety: Do not store by credit cards, TV, microwave, watches or other magnets.
  • Make sure that an emergency plan is in place, as well as education of people using magnet.
  • Identify whether or not student is taking medications for seizures.
  • Be aware of any activity that might trigger seizures.
  • Find out if there are any activity limitations.
  • Have parameters of how often to use the magnet, as well as when to transfer to hospital.

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