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Specific Health Issues: Tracheotomy -- SHNIC School Nurses Information

  • Medical diagnosis for student with tracheotomy.
  • Student's need for support during reinsertion.
  • Baseline status of student, color, trach size, trach secretions, respiration rate and pulse.
  • Student's ability to assist with trach care (i.e., suctioning, trach change, mucous plugs).
  • History of respiratory distress, signs and symptoms.
  • Ability of child to breath without trach.
  • Activity limitations.
  • Emergency protocols regarding resus orders, reinsertion of trach, as well as what to do if trach cannot be re-inserted.
  • Teaching of emergency protocols, respiratory distress and other care concerns to staff.
  • Helpful Tip: Have available in a supply bag with student the following items:
    • Spare tracheotomy tube, with ties attached and obturator (one trach should be a size smaller than regular trach size).
    • Water soluble lubricant or saline.
    • Blunt scissors.
    • Suction supplies with correct suction catheter size and suction machine that is charged.
    • Gloves.
    • Ambu bag with proper connecting tube for oxygen tank and trach adaptor.

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