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Specific Health Issues: Diabetic Pump -- SHNIC School Nurses Information

  • When student started on pump, with information regarding basal rate and bolus.
  • Copy of the instruction manual for troubleshooting pump.
  • Make sure that you know your student's level of understanding of the pump and troubleshooting.
  • Have an extra needle, tubing, alcohol and transparent dressing in case the dressing and needle become dislodged.
  • Have an extra battery for the pump.
  • Clarification of activities or limitations, including if monitoring is required before and after the activity.
  • Demonstration of the student's ability to care for self.
  • Guidelines for frequency of blood glucose monitoring, as well as orders if bolusing would be required, or treatment for hypoglycemia.
  • Emergency plan in place, as well as staff aware of student with diabetic pump.
  • In-servicing of staff regarding signs and symptoms of hypo/hyperglycemia.

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