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Specific Health Issues: CIC -- SHNIC School Nurses Information

  • Reason for catheterization at school.
  • Student's ability to cath self.
  • Timing of when catheterization is to occur, affording privacy for student.
  • Baseline of color, consistency, and amount of urine during catheterization
  • Foster independence of student, including setting up supplies.
  • Is there incontinence between cathing?
  • Latex allergy.
  • Supplies at school: Is cath sterile or clean? Size of catheter? Type?
  • Student's position during catheterization.
  • History of urinary tract infections.
  • Accomodations for field trips.
  • Flexible schedule allowing missed school work to be reinforced.
  • Ability for student to have water with them at all times, along with guidelines of fluid intake.
  • If student is unable to cath self, plan to promote independence and time for learning proper procedure.
  • Any medications that might affect the color of urine, odor or amount.
  • Parameters of when physician is to be notified regarding output amount, color or temperature.
  • View Teaching Self-Cathing Presentation (See PDF Below)

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