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Children's Books About Brain Injury -- SHNIC Information for Families

A Helmet Away from Heaven by Judy Pence. Pence Publishing Company, 1998.

The Big Book of the Brain (All About the Body’s Control Center) by John Farndon. Peter Bedrick Books, 2000.

Brain by Douglas Mathers. Troll Associates, 1992.

Brain by Anna Sandeman. Copper Beech Books, 1996.

Brain and Nerves by Steve Parker. Copper Beech Books, 1998.

The Brain -- Our Nervous System by Seymour Simon. William Morrow and Company -- A Mulberry Book, 1997.

Elvin, The Elephant Who Forgets by Heather Snyder. L&A Publishing, 1998.

For Kids Only -- A Guide to Brain Injury by Shanan Raines and Pamela Waaland. The Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Severe Traumatic Brain Injury.

I'm Safe on My Bike by Wendy and Paul Gordon. Back Yard Books, 2000.

Jessica’s X-Ray by Pat Zonta. Firefly Books Ltd., 2002. (contains real X-rays, ultrasound, CAT scan and MRI films)

The Nervous System by Darlene Stille. Children’s Press, 1997.

Understanding Your Brain by Rebecca Treays. Usborne Publishing Ltd., 1995.

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