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Respite Care

Various respite services and programs are available within your community for people with disabilities.

Autism Speaks
Find respite care services in Maryland for a child with autism.

Caring Communities
Caring Communities offers disability-related training, education, publications, and events for the benefit of children and adults with disabilities, their families and caregivers, as well as healthcare and education professionals. Caring Communities provides a Respite Care Registry ( for the Baltimore/Washington Area.

Montgomery County Respite Care
Find respite care for a frail, elderly individual, a child or adult with a disability, or a child with severe behavioral needs, in Montgomery County.

National Respite Locator
Select your state to find respite programs near you.

Pathfinders for Autism
Pathfinders for Autism provides a search tool for users to find providers and services in several categories based on location.

Not Finding What You Need?

A Resource Coordinator is available to assist you in finding disability resources by phone or email:

• 800-390-3372
• TTY MD Relay 711

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