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The MCDD and Family Perspectives

A newly integrated and critical part of the MCDD training curriculum is the family perspective on developmental disabilities. The MCDD (and its partners at the Kennedy Krieger Institute LEND program) identified and recruited a family faculty member for the LEND program as part of its new five-year plan this year. The new family faculty member is also a member and former Chair of the MCDD Community Advisory Council (CAC), bringing our CAC family membership to nine out of 22 members.

The MCDD is also undertaking new work with a nonprofit organization which supports Maryland families caring for children and young adults with special needs, Maggie’s Light Foundation, to develop and provide opportunities focused on family experiences and perspectives. This work with Maggie’s Light will become a new part of the core work for each of the many policy and research students participating in our internships at the MCDD. The work will include family perspectives readings, time with families in their home settings, evaluation of policies and legislation from the family perspective, and a final written summary of experience and relevance of the family perspective experience.

The MCDD will work with Maggie’s Light and other family members across the next five years to develop and implement a variety of family perspectives and training opportunities for students in a variety of fields. This work will also mean involving family perspectives in our ongoing assessment of needs, evaluation of progress, and planning for services each year. This new work in family perspectives is a critical addition to the work we do here at the MCDD, and we are dedicated to continuing to expand our work in relevant ways for consumers and families in Maryland.

For more information about Maggie's Light Foundation, please visit:

For more information about the MCDD partnership with Maggie's Light Foundation, please call (443) 923-9555.

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