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Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities: 2011 Online Newsletter - Issue Three

Needs Assessment Update

September 19, 2011
Throughout the month of June, the Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities (MCDD) at Kennedy Krieger Institute… read more

The Partnership to End Childhood Hunger in Maryland

September 19, 2011
An estimated 210,000 children and youth in Maryland do not have ready and reliable access to the food they need to live… read more

Effective Advocacy: Making Your Voice Heard

September 19, 2011
Advocacy is a word both loved and feared in our country. To advocate simply means to show public support for an issue… read more

Announcements, Updates, Awards, and Conferences

September 19, 2011
In February 2007, a young boy in Prince George’s County, Md., died from a brain infection caused by bacteria from… read more

Our Leadership Team

September 19, 2011
Meet the team leaders for the Maryland Center for Developmental… read more

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

Brain Injury Awareness Month

Help raise awareness and support for brain injury research, treatment and education. Learn more about our program.


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