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Diane Dressler, B.S.

Diane Dressler, B.S.
Program Director for Adult Training and Services,
Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities
Kennedy Krieger Institute
7000 Tudsbury Road
Windsor Mill, MD 21244
Phone: (443) 923-4161

As Program Director, Adult Training and Services, she will coordinate as a liaison between the MCDD Leadership Team and all adult training projects. As Program Director at the MCDD, Ms. Dressler provides leadership in developing partnerships to support best and promising practices in research, training, community service and information dissemination in the area of services for adults with disabilities, including community inclusion, housing, transportation, transitions, workforce development, and person-centered supports and services. 

Biographical Sketch:

Ms. Dressler received her bachelor's degree from the Towson University with a major in Psychology. Prior to coming to the MCDD in 2011, Ms. Dressler served for 35 years in various positions at the Maryland Developmental Disability Administration (DDA). There, she provided leadership in the development of policies on eliminating restraint and seclusion, person-centered planning, housing specialist, and director of training.

Research Summary:

Currently, major projects in this area include the DDA Training Opportunities FY2011/2012, a contract for support to the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration training system; and Maryland Partnerships for Affordable Housing, a grant agreement with Maryland Medicaid to develop infrastructure for implementation of a new affordable housing program through HUD.


Dressler, D.; Ferrell, JK; Records, T.; Toleman, B. (2005).  Training.  In Brierly-Bowers, P. et al:  Best Practices in Developmental Disabilities: A Maryland Resource Office of External Affairs, University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD.

Brierly-Bowers, P.; Dressler, D.; Noel, J.; Borcherding, B.; &  Gallucci, G. (2005).  Developing best practices for behavioral and mental health treatment for individuals with developmental disabilities:  Maryland’s efforts. Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities.

Selected Peer Reviewed Posters and Presentations:

National Low Income Housing Coalition Annual Conference – Maryland’s Response to the Olmstead Decision – 2003

Real Choice Systems Change Conference – Housing for People with Disabilities – 2003 w/ Candace

MARC-NAHRO Annual Regional Conference:  Surviving Your HUD Fair Housing Audit - 2008

National Association for Housing Redevelopment Organizations – 2008 – Housing for Individuals with Disabilities

Reinventing Quality – Eliminating the Use of Restraints – 2010

National Home and Community Based Services Conference - Sustainable Community Living Options to Support Transition and Prevent Institutionalization – 2011

AAMR Regional Conference – From Reaction to Prevention: Practical Approaches to Keeping People Safe - 2003

University of Delaware Summer Institute: Co-Occurring Developmental Disabilities And Behavioral Health Concerns - 2007

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