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It’s a challenging time in the disability world—a time in which politics and funding changes can make things seem very insecure. But it’s a rewarding time, too. At the Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities (MCDD), we’re fortunate to be working with amazing self-advocates, family members and disability agency partners who help us pursue our mission of advancing inclusion for people with disabilities.

Our new partnerships with The Hilltop Institute and the Interactive Autism Network (see article below) will help us research and evaluate both quantitative and qualitative perspectives on the work that is needed and the impact of work being done across the state. Our work with People On the Go, The Arc Maryland, Pathfinders for Autism, the Saylor Alliance and the Maryland Department of Disabilities is another great example of leveraging multiple strong partners to accomplish shared goals. And, through our Community Advisory Committee (CAC), we continue to pursue partnerships with community agencies, people with disabilities and family members.

Over the years, the CAC has grown in strength and in its engagement with MCDD’s activities. Currently, MCDD is working on new ways to recruit and retain CAC members from diverse backgrounds and geographic areas. MCDD is confident that one of the ways to secure strong and forward-looking disability policies in Maryland is to continue to partner with our colleagues, people with disabilities, and family members.

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-Christopher Smith, Ph.D.

MCDD Newsletter 2017: Issue Two