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Independent Living Leaders Sharpen Skills

AUGUST 5, 2015

Independent Living SkillsThe Maryland CIL-Ready project, a partnership between the Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities (MCDD) and Centers for Independent Living (CIL), has launched its technical assistance and training phase. Having completed comprehensive reviews, the MCDD has tailored individual action plans that identify training and technical assistance priorities to achieve each center's sustainability goals. CIL leaders are eager to enhance their ability to describe and measure independent living outcomes, and build stronger ties in the business community.

"The Centers for Independent Living fulfill an important role in the community, especially given that they serve all ages and all disabilities," said Christopher Smith, PhD, project director. "However, like many nonprofits, they struggle to quantify the value of their services and to convince stakeholders - like legislators, funders, and employers - of the potential their services have to strengthen the community and reduce costs related to higher levels of services." The MCDD is working with the CILs to provide training on topics such as board growth and development, data system optimization, and expanding independent living services to broader markets.