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AUGUST 5, 2015

This issue, we celebrate the Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities' (MCDD) commitment to training and technical assistance.

The MCDD continues to collaborate with Kennedy Krieger Institute to support the Institute's Leadership in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities program, a pre-service preparation project for interdisciplinary leadership training. The MCDD has partnered with the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration in the past to coordinate and provide training in a variety of areas including person-centered planning, behavioral supports, and quality assurance.

Project HEAL (Health, Education, Advocacy, and Law), a community-based program of the MCDD, provides professional and community trainings on topics such as special education law; bullying, harassment, and intimidation; guardianship and less restrictive alternatives; and futures and estate planning.

People On the Go, a self-advocacy group and MCDD partner, is supported by the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council to develop and provide training in the area of self-advocacy. We have also provided training in topics like program evaluation and research, housing, strategic planning, and many others.

We look forward to collaborating with our state partners to continue to provide leadership in training in the areas of developmental and other disabilities, quality services, evidence-based decision making, and many more.

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-Christopher Smith, Ph.D.