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On a quarterly basis the Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities (MCDD) updates its local, regional, state and national families and associates with an online newsletter, briefing them on the latest activities of the MCDD and its partners. 


Director's Message

AUGUST 5, 2015

This issue, we celebrate the Maryland Center for Developmental Disability's (MCDD) commitment to training and technical assistance. Read more →

Training Future Leaders

AUGUST 5, 2015

100+ Students Complete Comprehensive Disability Training Program

Providing future leaders with training regarding disability is a cornerstone of the Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities. Read more →

People On the Go Provides Voter Education

People On the Go has been selected to provide voter education in Maryland to people with disabilities through Project VOTE, a voter education tool kit developed by self-advocates. Read more →

Independent Living Leaders Sharpen Skills

The Maryland CIL-Ready project, a partnership between the Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities (MCDD) and Centers for Independent Living (CIL), has launched its technical assistance and training phase. Read more →

Project HEAL Updates

AUGUST 5, 2015

Center Hosts Three Summer Trainees

The students have been placed in MCDD's medical-legal partnership, Project HEAL, where they will participate in a number of learning experiences concerning the legal needs of low- and moderate-income Kennedy Krieger patients. Read more  →

About the MCDD

Our community advisers, leadership team, partners, and more. Read more