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Clinical Trial of Autism Early Intervention Reveals Significant Improvements in Toddlers' Social and Communication Skills

December 15, 2010
Study is First to Show Group-Based Intervention is Effective for Toddlers as Young as Two Years of Age

In a study recently published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry (Epub ahead of print), researchers from the Kennedy Krieger Institute found that early intervention can improve the core symptoms of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in very young children. This is the first randomized clinical trial measuring how a group-based early intervention model impacts social development in toddlers with ASD.

New Data Show Half Of All Children With Autism Wander And Bolt From Safe Places

April 20, 2011
Interactive Autism Network releases findings on critical safety issue, launches new research survey on pregnancy

(Baltimore, MD) – Today, the Interactive Autism Network (IAN),, the nation’s largest online autism research project, reveals the preliminary results of the first major survey on wandering and elopement among individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), and announces the launch of a new research survey on the association between pregnancy factors and ASD.

Autism Spectrum Disorders Research

In recent years, experts have made remarkable strides in better understanding autism, including developing more effective methods of diagnosis and treatment. At Kennedy Krieger Institute, researchers are continuing to investigate this complex disorder in the hopes of not only improving diagnoses and interventions, but also discovering autism's causes and possible means of prevention.

Research and Education for Autism in Children (REACH)


Rebecca Landa, PhD, CCC-SLP

About Our Program:

An internationally recognized research program, REACH drives our clinical practice and training programs. Our team approach enables us to comprehensively and innovatively research the causes and treatments of ASD.

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