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New Research Reveals Unexpected Biological Pathway In Glaucoma

January 3, 2011
Study is first to pinpoint the precise anatomical location where vision loss appears to occur in glaucoma

(Baltimore, MD) In a study published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (Early Edition ahead of print), a team of researchers from the Kennedy Krieger Institute and four collaborating institutions, identified a new and unexpected biological pathway that appears to contribute to the development of glaucoma and its resulting vision loss.

Interactive Autism Network Opens Its Doors to Adults with Autism

April 2, 2009
Interactive Autism Network Launches Research Initiative for Adults, Unveils New Look for Growing Online Community

Update: 04/08/2009: NPR's Morning Edition features IAN Project

Nation's Largest Online Autism Research Initiative Launches Research Survey for Grandparents of Children With Autism

October 5, 2009
Interactive Autism Network invites grandparents to share valuable experiences

Baltimore, MD-Since its launch in 2007, the Interactive Autism Network (IAN),, has helped to accelerate the pace of autism research by gathering valuable information online from individuals on the autism spectrum and their parents.

An Autism Diagnosis: Coping, Acceptance & Time are Key to Moving Forward

September 10, 2009
Advice from an expert at Kennedy Krieger

After a child is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), many parents feel overwhelmed and experience high levels of stress. While this is a very challenging time, there are steps parents can take to accept the diagnosis and move forward. Parents typically want to spring into action to help their child, but taking time for themselves has long term benefits for the entire family.

Kennedy Krieger Researchers Share Findings on Autism, Behavioral Disorders, and Newborn Stroke at PAS Annual Meeting

May 4, 2009

(Baltimore, Md) - Research presented by Kennedy Krieger Institute experts at the 2009 Pediatric Academic Societies' (PAS) Annual Meeting beginning May 2nd in Baltimore, Maryland offers important insights into autism spectrum disorder diagnostic guidelines, prescription drug trends for preschoolers with developmental and behavioral disorders, and the neurologic impact of newborn stroke.

Findings to be presented by Kennedy Krieger researchers at the PAS Annual Meeting include:

Kennedy Krieger Research Update: The Hunter Nelson Sturge-Weber Center

April 15, 2009
New Insights into the Treatment of Patients with Sturge-Weber Syndrome

(Baltimore, Md) - Sturge-Weber Syndrome is a disease characterized by a facial birthmark, or "port wine stain," in association with abnormal blood vessels on the surface of the brain, glaucoma or both. Seizures, beginning often in infancy, are the most common symptom, followed by weakening or loss of the use of one side of the body (hemiparesis), vision impairments and delays in motor and cognitive skill development.

New Study Reveals Handwriting is Real Problem for Children With Autism

November 9, 2009
Kennedy Krieger Researchers Suggest Improvements Are Possible by Targeting Letter Formation, Fine Motor Control Training

(Baltimore, MD) - Handwriting skills are crucial for success in school, communication, and building children's self-esteem. The first study to examine handwriting quality in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) has uncovered a relationship between fine motor control and poor quality of handwriting in children with ASD, according to research published in the November 10, 2009, issue of Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

Festival of Trees Celebrates 20 Years of Making Wishes Come True

November 1, 2009
Kennedy Krieger's annual holiday fundraiser kicks-off the holiday season with a 20th birthday bash

(Baltimore, MD) - For the past 20 years, wishes have grown on trees at Kennedy Krieger's premier holiday event, Festival of Trees. This year the annual fundraiser will kick-off the holiday season Friday, November 27 through Sunday, November 29, and everyone from Santa to his elves will be celebrating the event's 20th birthday.

Dorothy Hamill and Kennedy Krieger Institute Announce New Adaptive Skating Program

February 1, 2010


Baltimore Magazine Feature: Dorothy Hamill Flying Free

Baltimore Magazine - Don't miss the March issue of Baltimore Magazine for a story on the I-Skate program. For an inside look at a skating session and an interview with Dorothy Hamill, watch their great video here.

Comprehensive Review of Research Informs Patient Care For Acquired CNS Injuries

July 10, 2009
Kennedy Krieger Institute Contributes to Special Issue on Central Nervous System Rehabilitation

Baltimore, MD - Kennedy Krieger Institute experts have contributed to the journal Developmental Disabilities Research Reviews for a special issue entitled "Acquired Central Nervous System Injuries." Published in the current issue is a comprehensive review of the literature surrounding the rehabilitation of children with acquired central nervous system (CNS) injuries. The articles provide clinicians with a thorough overview of recent findings and trends in this constantly evolving field in order to help inform clinical approaches.

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