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Research Frontiers: Mind Block

Study Probes Whether Drug Can Ease Neurological Decline Tied to Rett syndrome

Dr. SakkuBai NaiduSince the late Dr. Andreas Rett first identified the syndrome that bears his name more than 50 years ago, doctors have learned to treat the seizures, reflux and other symptoms of the disorder but they have not yet learned to alleviate the neurological impairment it causes. Researchers at Kennedy Krieger will begin a new drug trial this summer that represents an important step toward achieving that goal.

One Step at a Time

Specialized Transition Program Paves the Way for Recovery and Independence

Ritchie JacobRiding a bicycle comes as second nature to most 15-year-old boys. But for Richie Jacob, it was a major milestone. Three months earlier, Richie couldn't walk. He could barely talk. Doctors gave him a 50 percent chance of survival.

Reversing Paralysis

Led by World-Renowned Researcher Dr. John McDonald, A New Center at Kennedy Krieger Revolutionizes Care for Children with Spinal Cord Injuries and Paralysis through Activity-Based Therapy.

Reversing ParalysisFor years, people who suffered spinal cord injuries were told that the first six months of their recovery would paint an accurate picture of how they would live the rest of their lives. If a patient recovered any movement, it would probably be in those first few months and, nearly all experts believed, improvement after two years was impossible.

Dynamic Duo

A year after a horrifying car accident, siblings fight to regain skills and abilities in Kennedy Krieger Brain Injury program

The Frost FamilyFor the Frost family, the first miracle happened when their family survived a horrific car crash that could easily have ended in tragedy.

Brain Injury Program at Kennedy Krieger Institute Celebrates 30th Anniversary

October 6, 2009
Program’s history is one of advancing brain injury rehabilitation research and patient care

Baltimore, MD-Today, Kennedy Krieger Institute's brain injury program celebrates 30 years of advancing research and patient care. The program, one of the nation's leading brain injury rehabilitation programs, is known for its pioneering "continuum of care" model that provides for coordinated care across the inpatient, day-hospital, home and community settings and emphasizes re-integration of children into their home, school, and community.

52 Top Healthcare Institutions Work Together to Help Kids

June 4, 2009
Kennedy Krieger Institute named State Lead Center for Maryland

(Baltimore, MD) - Kennedy Krieger Institute has been named the State Lead Center for Maryland as part of a national network of healthcare institutions in what is being called the largest collaborative effort in the history of pediatric medicine.

The 51 other institutions in conjunction with Kennedy Krieger will work together to address the number one cause of death and disability for children and young adults in the United States - brain injury.

Innovative New Imaging Technique "Maps" Brain Injury

September 10, 2002
Technology is leading to discoveries about how disorders of the developing brain lead to Cerebral Palsy

BALTIMORE - Physicians at Kennedy Krieger Institute and neuro-imaging experts at the Institute's F.M. Kirby Research Center for Functional Brain Imaging have developed a new way to see the white matter pathways, or "cables," that carry messages from one part of the brain to another in children with cerebral palsy. Already, the new technique has led to a better understanding of how disorders of the developing brain lead to cerebral palsy - which holds promise for better diagnosis and more effective treatment.

Brain Injury (BI)

To find patient care programs and faculty treating brain injury at Kennedy Krieger Institute, as well as research investigating this disorder, please see the right-hand column below. Additional helpful information, including definitions, symptoms, Institute press releases, Potential magazine articles, and other resources outside the Institute, have also been provided for readers on this page.

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