Kennedy Krieger Institute Family Center - Treatment Effectiveness Study (KKFC-TES)

Principal Investigator: Mariflor Jamora

The goal of this study is to determine the effectiveness of the various programs within the Kennedy Krieger Family Center (KKFC) using data from a computerized clinical database. Established in 1985, the KKFC is a high volume community-based mental health clinic that provides interdisciplinary evaluations and treatment for children in or at-risk for out-of-home placement due to exposure to parental substance abuse, neglect, physical/sexual abuse, domestic violence, and/or community violence. Approximately half of the children treated at the KKFC are in foster or kinship care. This ongoing study will include multiple subanalyses of the clinical database (each of which with a separate IRB review due to the inclusion of children in foster care) in an effort to monitor continue to improve the evaluation and treatment of children with a history of child abuse. This proposal is to obtain approval for the establishment of the KKFC-TES database (previously exempt Application No: 02-11-19-07e).