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Current Clinical Trials

The Clinical Trials Unit at Kennedy Krieger focuses on studies of many disorders, such as fragile X syndrome, tuberous sclerosis complex, and autism. 

Currently Recruiting Trials

The following studies are currently accepting new participants:

Adolescents Ages 7-17 Years and Diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder

Children Ages 7-17 Years Affected by Depression and Experiencing Symptoms

Research Study Seeking Participants with Psychosis, ADHD + Aggression, ADHD, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, and Anxiety

Children Ages 10-17 Years with Bipolar Disorder

Children Ages 8-12 Years with ADHD Diagnosis or Symptoms of ADHD

Children Ages 6-12 Years with ADHD and Impulsive Aggression

Children ages 1 - 9.99 Years of Age with MECP2 Mutation

Children with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, Autism, and Seizures, Ages 4-15 Years

Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) Patients of All Ages with Visible Facial Angiofibromas

Children Receiving Psychotherapy in an Outpatient Setting and/or Have Recently Been Prescribed Sertraline, Ages 6-14

Children and Adolescents with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities and Sleep Problems, Ages 2-17.5 Years

Children and Adolescents with Bipolar I Disorder, Ages 10-17 Years

Adolescents Diagnosed with Schizophrenia, Ages 12-16 Years

SIrolimus Research Study for Cognitive Impairments in Sturge-Weber syndrome

Many studies for a range of diagnoses and disorders will be approved in the near future. To ensure you are among the first to learn of new studies when they open, please contact us by email or phone.

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