A supramolecular approach to fabricate highly emissive smart materials.

TitleA supramolecular approach to fabricate highly emissive smart materials.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsLiu K, Yao Y, Kang Y, Liu Y, Han Y, Wang Y, Li Z, Zhang X
JournalScientific reports
Date Published2013

The aromatic chromophores, for example, perylene diimides (PDIs) are well known for their desirable absorption and emission properties. However, their stacking nature hinders the exploitation of these properties and further applications. To fabricate emissive aggregates or solid-state materials, it has been common practice to decrease the degree of stacking of PDIs by incorporating substituents into the parent aromatic ring. However, such practice often involves difficultorganic synthesis with multiple steps. A supramolecular approach is established here to fabricate highly fluorescent and responsive soft materials, which has greatly decreases the number of required synthetic steps and also allows for a system with switchable photophysical properties. The highly fluorescent smart material exhibits great adaptivity and can be used as a supramolecular sensor for the rapid detection of spermine with high sensitivity and selectivity, which is crucial for the early diagnosis of malignant tumors.

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