Molecular evolution of threonine dehydratase in bacteria.

TitleMolecular evolution of threonine dehydratase in bacteria.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsYu X, Li Y, Wang X
JournalPloS one
Date Published2013

Threonine dehydratase converts L-threonine to 2-ketobutyrate. Several threonine dehydratases exist in bacteria, but their origins and evolutionary pathway are unknown. Here we analyzed all the available threonine dehydratases in bacteria and proposed an evolutionary pathway leading to the genes encoding three different threonine dehydratases CTD, BTD1 and BTD2. The ancestral threonine dehydratase might contain only a catalytic domain, but one or two ACT-like subdomains were fused during the evolution, resulting BTD1 and BTD2, respectively. Horizontal gene transfer, gene fusion, gene duplication, and gene deletion may occur during the evolution of this enzyme. The results are important for understanding the functions of various threonine dehydratases found in bacteria.

Alternate JournalPLoS ONE